Ken Robertson has written and contributed to a number of books. His latest involvement has been with the “Keys to Our Success – Lessons Learned from 25 of our Best Project Managers” book provides an insightful look into how to improve project management practices from some of Canada’s most knowledgeable project managers.


The Keys to our Success

Keys to Our Success: Lessons Learned from 25 of our Best Project Managers

David Barrett & Derek Vigar – Editors
Ken Robertson – KLR Consulting Inc. (Contributing Author)
Published by: Multi-Media Publications Inc., 2013
ISBN: 1554891620


Ken wrote a chapter on Business Outcome Management where he submits that most Project Managers celebrate “the finish line” when all the project tasks have been completed. What is often overlooked is whether the expected business outcome of the project was actually achieved. It’s great to feel gratification upon project completion, but how do successful project managers ensure that the project focus is on delivering the outcome that the business is expecting. Ken is passionate about this topic. Learn more about the book at and watch his video on the topic.


Work Transformation

Work Transformation: Planning and Implementing The New Workplace

Ken Robertson — KLR Consulting Inc.
Published by: HNB Publishing, New York, 1999
ISBN: 0-9664286-0-9


The concept of work transformation is created by integrating human resources, facilities management and information technology strategies together in new and creative ways to deliver business value to an organization. Work transformation involves rethinking the way we work, where we work from and the environment we work in.

The book includes theory, practical advice and real-life examples explaining how work transformation can significantly change the way an organization functions. This includes alternative work arrangements (telework, job-sharing, compressed work weeks, etc.), alternative officing (hoteling, moteling, space sharing, teaming, etc.) and enabling technologies.


Project Management Methodology

Project Management Methodology: A Practical Guide to the New Millennium

Ken Robertson – KLR Consulting Inc.
Ralph Kliem, Irwin Ludin – Practical Creative Solutions, Inc.
Published by: Marcel Dekker Inc., New York, 1997.
ISBN: 0-8247-0088-0


The Practical Project Management Methodology or P2M2 , has been developed as an international joint venture project by Practical Creative Solutions, Inc. of Seattle, Washington U.S.A. and KLR Consulting Inc. of Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada.

The methodology is designed for use by project managers in a wide variety of backgrounds. It presents the fundamentals of how to manage a project. Many inexperienced and some experienced project managers by-pass the basics and find themselves in tremendous difficulty. P2M2 guides project managers through the challenges of managing a project.

The methodology contains overview theories, practical examples, and numerous templates for effectively navigating the six main processes of project management – Defining, Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Closing and Leading.


Managing Business Support Services

Managing Business Support Services: Strategies for Outsourcing and Facilities Management

Jonathon Reuvid & John Hinks – Editors
Ken Robertson – KLR Consulting Inc. (Contributing Author)
Published by: Kogan Page, London, UK, 2001
ISBN: 0-7494-3061-3


The effective sourcing and management of peripheral support services can provide companies with a crucial competitive edge. However, making the right choice of site, building, IT system, utilities providers and so on and knowing what to outsource and what to keep inhouse requires specialist knowledge and familiarity with “best practice”. This book seeks to offer CEOs and senior directors of the UK’s middle market companies the information they need, and to make specialist issues intelligible to non-specialists, to both source and get the most from their suppliers and professional advisors. Ken provided a chapter entitled: “Identifying Core Business Processes and their impact on HR and IT”.